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Apparently, you want to know who’s behind all of this Awesome. It is I, Angie, queen of this domain and all things related!

Speaking of related, visit Acute Genius for a portfolio of my work.

Started in 2007, A Whole Lot of Nothing has grown to be a whole lot of everything. I don’t believe in having a direction or niche with this personal blog, mainly because I can’t focus long enough on a specific niche to be happy with the result. I’ll happily accept your pitch, money, and/or product if it means we both win.

I love my camera, my remote, my girls, and my husband. Their rank in my favor changes daily. My MessyHouse is in a constant state of disarray with random plastic doll parts, scraps of paper, 1/2-full Taco Bell cups of iced tea, and the occasional pair of little girl socks.

I’ve been awarded several million US$ dollars to my bank account by countless overseas commonwealth bancs. Now that I have millions of Nigerian US$ dollars, I am celebrating my unnatural love for my DVR and have hired myself as my own professional TV-watcher.

I offer up my worldly observations with heavy doses of sarcasm, sprinkled with hilarity, doused in heartwarming valor. Except not.

Please come back and visit daily; I need the self-esteem validation through your comments and pageviews. Share my Awesome with your friends and family. Someday, you’ll thank me for bringing my sunshine to your life.

[That gorgeous photo of me up there –>^ Taken by my sister-friend, Mishi Lane.]

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