Friday Fun Day! See Also: I’m Inviting More Men To My Bed

by Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] on August 26, 2011

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From back-to-school kid-free pooping to dreaming of taking the virginity of Chinese men, it’s been a wild week of Awesome. I’ve compiled a Friday Fun Day Best of Pangie. You? Are welcome.

I’m guest blogging over at the Kissimmee Visitor’s Bureau’s blog, i.seeKissimmee, this week imparting my touristy wisdom. If you’re visiting the Kissimmee/Orlando/Disney World area anytime soon, it’s a good place to find visitor information.

You should be reading and subscribing to We Know Awesome. There’s a Facebook page, too. Like it like you love it. And a Twitter. Follow like a puppy.

Random Opinion: Photographers are professionals who deserve to be paid and/or credited for their work. Being the subject and person paying for the photos doesn’t mean the photos are yours to use as you wish. When you sign a contract saying you’re not allowed to use a photo for commercial purposes or change the photo in any way, the photographer means that. It’s the photographer’s work – not yours. If you want to use your image in a commercial setting and you didn’t pay for it, the photographer has the right to invoice you or request it be removed.

Related: My friend Mishelle Lane is an AMAZING portrait photographer in the North Atlanta area. If you live in North Georgia, HIRE HER. She took my avatar photo, up and over ^—> there.

Speaking of my Mishelle Lane original, go to my About.Me page and vote to have it on a giant billboard in Times Square. Please?

Apple is reporting that Steve Jobs resigned from his position as CEO, but I’m thinking it was an iPhone auto-correct issue. (image via IMGUR)

I had my own HILARIOUS autocorrect on my iPhone.

Random Question: Does your man (or if you’re a man, you) want The Sex right after clean sheets are put on the bed? Is it possible to maybe have The Sex before the sheets are washed? And yes, I am just that lazy.

I saw Chris Meloni in manties. (image via Winning at Everything)

Jim Carrey is a major creeper lusting after Emma Stone, but Kathy Griffin professing her lust for Justin Bieber is a genius.

Since we’re talking about my lovins (weren’t we?), THE VMAs ARE SUNDAY NIGHT! From what I’ve researched on DirecTV, it’s on live coast-to-coast, so join me at 8PMest/5PMpst Sunday for an all-nighter live Tweet-a-Thon. #VMA

I’ll be searching the crowds for my lover, Jared Leto. If I don’t find him at the VMAs, I’ll just watch the MTV Unplugged of 30 Seconds to Mars I’m recording on Palladia. (PeeEss: If you love music and don’t have Palladia, I weep for you.) I need a moment alone after this:

Thanks to 500 Days of Summer and Pink is the New Blog, I’m adding to my List of Men Who Should Bed Me. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is all growns up and ready for my lovin.

Speaking of the VMAs, I lets take it back to 1995 and see how Michael Jackson shimmied all over that stage. I miss that Michael Jackson.

My super secret BFF friend Ree’s (aka The Pioneer Woman) show starts on Food Network tomorrow at 11AMest. In all of the hours staying up late telling girl stories minutes I’ve spent with her, she really is the real deal and is exactly like what you see.

I’m still wearing my PJs, and I have no idea why there’s so much space after the videos. Let’s think of it as blank Zen space. OHHMMMMM…

What’s going on with you?

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1 Mishi August 26, 2011 at 11:44 am

You rock my world, Miss Angie!!


2 Michelle August 26, 2011 at 12:08 pm

I’ve met Jared twice and his eyes are even more hypnotizing than photos make them out to be. It’s almost a Medusa thing.
An Awesome post on Michelle´s blog … For My Gramma on What Would’ve Been Her 86th Birthday


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