My kid puked at Disney World. I know you’re jealous.

by Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] on January 28, 2010

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What’s UP party people?!
(yeah, i’m not in the party mood either…)

I know for sure you want to read about my kid puking at Disney World. I mean, c’mon. Who doesn’t love a kid puking story about another kid puking? I know I do.

I promise there are NO pictures involved only because I didn’t think fast enough to get out my camera.

But then again, you probably don’t live in Orlando and visit Disney World every other weekend like I do.

We consider ourselves lucky to be so close to the Happy Fairy Magicland, but I realize some people who are dead in their hearts see Disney as plastic/phony/cheezy. I get it. I understand it. But I like plastic/phony/cheezy. It’s much better than pulling weeds, cleaning toilets, or cooking nourishing foods for my family. (See: things I avoid like the plague.)

My girls love going to any of the Disney parks – they never want to leave. Like every quality parent, bribery is usually used to trick them into leaving. Someday in the near future my girls are gonna call upon those empty promises for their life-size Mickey head-shaped candied apple and, like every quality parent, I’ll fib and tell them those are filled with sleepy-time drugs just like the witch’s in Snow White and they’ll be officially scarred for life thinking Disney will poison their guests.

I digress…

We went to the Magic Kingdom the other day and both girls were pretty much their normal selves (see: 60% happy, 20% tired, 20% whineypants). While waiting in line to see Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen (whom I can guarandamntee you was really looking for another Prince rather than a Princess ifyouknowwhatimean), my 5yo fell asleep on my lap.

At 4pm.

At Disney.

In line.

After she we woke her up and I bribed her toSMILEPRETTYFORTHEDAMNPICTURES, she asked to go home.

From Disney.

At 5pm.

For no (apparent) reason.

Mommy alarm bells should have been going off so loudly in my head that the woman next to me should have heard. But no. I had plans, and those plans were going to be followed through.

Don’t mess with my plan. I will cut you.

Also, I am anal. (The good kind.)

But no, we decided to soldier on and push the lethargic kid to get her happy on.

She was kind enough to retaliate our good parenting skills of ignoring the signs of our child and PUKE ALL OVER THE DISNEY CLOTHING STORE ON MAIN STREET.

Oh, yes she did.

Moral: When your kid suddenly falls asleep in line while waiting for a Princess and her gay husband, take her home before she pukes on the happiest place on earth.

Since Puke Day ’10 happened, I’ve heard of a few other parents lucky enough to have the Puking at Disney Experience.

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