My Sorts are Out of It

July 10, 2013 All About Me

I’ve kind of been out of sorts lately. Where “kind of” means “have.” And where “out of sorts” means “what the fuck does ‘out of sorts’ mean?”

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Last Day of School

June 5, 2013 Being Mom
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No-Spoiler Activist

June 3, 2013 And Then Some

There are very few things that get me riled up enough to take to the internet. Gay marriage equality? ACTIVIST! Anti-bullying? ACTIVIST! Melanoma awareness? ACTIVIST! No-spoilers? ACTIVIST! I’m not shy about voicing my feelings about what other people say or post online to social media channels as it relates to TV shows, movies, and books. […]

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Kids Today

May 13, 2013 Being Mom

I was very busy this morning talking to my BFFAEAEAEAE, Brittany, about how kids today are super spoiled. We also discussed how waxing is a business expense, and we died from LOLs as how awesome our “jobs” have turned out. Even though Brittany is a whole 1/2 a decade younger than me, she, too, grew […]

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Left Speechless

May 9, 2013 All About Me

There’s just some things that come along and leave me speechless. For instance, Mr. Gandy: Like that Parker Hurley even exists: And that my sister felt this way: Her Little Sister All three of the above make my eyes leak with love. You suck. image/image

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