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by Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] on January 19, 2011

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Proximity to shopping centers, schools, and parks is the key factor house hunters consider when searching for a new home for sale. Essex County and Montclair, New Jersey, offer access to a downtown center alive with daytime shoppers and nightlife bar hoppers. Historic houses dot the landscape among the city-center architecture. Found amongst the newer retail stores are traditional mom-and-pop establishments that are frequented by the locals. Six Corners anchors Montclair in its bustling economic activity despite the recent economic struggles felt by most of America. The majority of the Montclair housing market has maintained home values steadily through the 2000’s.

Montclair New Jersey Upmont

Montclair, New Jersey - Upmont

Home buyers looking to relocate to Montclair discover houses ready to purchase on the market for an average of 60 days making it somewhat of a buyer’s market. Real estate and real estate agents in Sussex County are finding it easy to market the area as a great place to live. Families in New Jersey are moving to Montclair township in search of safe surroundings, lots of activities, and affordable restaurants in which to dine. The close proximity to New York City and public transit lure city-dwellers out to the suburbs of New Jersey for a quieter life with more space in which to grow.

Homes continue to sell in the Montclair area whether it be the vintage homes built in the early 1900’s or newly built homes around town. Motivated sellers have found their homes selling at fair market prices when buyers see the home as a good deal. The Montclair real estate market is fairing better than most of the country, though it has decreased but not as drastically as the rest of New Jersey. House hunters looking in the Essex County area are finding Montclair as a great investment locale in which to purchase a single family home.

Families looking for close proximity to nature and parks will find the Montclair Township has over 175 acres of park land for public use. Houses near the Montclair parks are within walking distance to soccer fields, playgrounds, and open-air spaces with nature preserves for outdoor activities. In winter months, outdoor skating is open for locals to enjoy on frozen ponds, fair weather permitting.

Schools in the Montclair Township boast rising proficiency rates amongst its students. Award-winning students and teachers are celebrated in the community with recognition of their accomplishments. The small-town atmosphere of Montclair provides for a lower-than-the-national-average crime rate within the Township.

Local home buyers are finding a house relocation across town or down the street as being a “good real estate buy” in Montclair, New Jersey. The security in living in an all-American town is fulfilled in the Township of Montclair in Essex County, New Jersey.

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