The People, They Love Me.

by Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] on July 9, 2010

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This has been the longest short week ever.

It’s been sucky, blowy, hotty, humidy, tiredy, friendy, birthdayy, whiney, achy, happy, Big Brothery, no True Bloody, banky, posty on other bloggy week.

Today, I’m THE FEATURED WRITER! posted up on Room 704 where we discuss the best party songs in the Whole Wide World; or, the best ones I and the Twitter could think of in the last minutes before my post submission deadline. Also, I put up a picture of old school Vanilla Ice. I’m nothing if not sentimental for white rappers from the 90s.

Also, my BFFAEAE∞&∞+1 Aunt Becky begged me to post on her blog, so I dug deep into my archives to pick out the best of my best and slapped it on her ass. You think I have the time to write a whole new post for her? Everyone knows most people don’t comment on guest posts, so why waste my precious brain power on something most people won’t read.

I’m lazy like that.

So leave here and go read, comment, rub your boobies on my other posts.

Room 704

Mommy Wants Vodka

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