“WILLIE NELSON WONDER CATS!” And More Funny From Troubles And Treats

by Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] on December 15, 2012

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You know I like me some funny. Mix in some smut to the funny, and you’ve got my heart wrapped in love. Or something else much wittier.

When I read Tara Sivec’s first two books in the Chocolate Lover’s trilogy, Seduction & Snacks and Futures & Frostings, I instantly fell in love. I wasn’t just in love with the characters and all of the sexing; I fell in love with the hilarity of Tara Sivec. She writes like I talk to my friends: snarky, condescending, sarcastic.

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Of course I’d want to read the third in the trilogy, Troubles & Treats, even though the story’s narrators are different than the first two. In the third book, the two narrators are Drew and Jenny, best friends of Carter and Claire. Only in T&T, Drew and Jenny are way raunchier than any of the other characters in the series.

My rating and review from Goodreads:

After reading the first two Chocolate Lovers all about Claire and Carter’s love life and getting glimpses of Jenny and Drew’s whacked out sexcapades, we’re treated with a look into the kinky couple’s relationship. Except…we get mostly sexytime flashbacks, Drew’s Man Boy thoughts, and a slew of Jenny’s ill-worded idioms that make for a laugh-out-loud wrap up of the series. It’s a quick, funny read that leaves me wanting another book starring the new man in their lives, Fuckson, I mean, Jackson. 4 of 5 stars

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That raunchiness is ridiculously hilarious:

And really, the fact that a three month old can draw a perfect Hitler ‘stache on his upper lip and a Harry Potter lightning bolt on his forehead without a mirror is just fucking awesome.

I screamed in drunken, mindnumbing pleasure as she swallowed all of my swimmers. “WILLIE NELSON WONDER CATS!”

My wife is #1 at diddling! (One of Drew’s irreverent t-shirts.)

When was the last time you guys had sex?” Claire asks.
“Um, what day is it today?”
“It’s Saturday,” Claire answers.
“Last year.”

By far, one of my most favorite quotes from any book ever is this one said by Drew’s dad to Drew:

“Wrong! A happy wife is a happy life. You learn how to do your share around the house and you will get laid regularly. Just ask your mother.”

For that alone, you should totally read Tara Sivec’s books.

For Kindle and in print:

Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers #1) Futures and Frosting (Chocolate Lovers #2) Troubles and Treats (Chocolate Lovers #3)

Seduction and Snacks | Futures and Frosting | Troubles and Treats

For nook:

Seduction and Snacks | Futures and Frosting | Troubles and Treats

From Smashwords (buying directly from the author in any e-book format):

Seduction and Snacks | Futures and Frosting | Troubles and Treats

I was provided a copy of Troubles and Treats in exchange for my honest review and for participating in the blog tour.

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